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Adorable young girl sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her dentist and dental assistant.Making dental hygiene fun for kids certainly works in encouraging good dental health. Healthy teeth are important to a child's oral and overall health as they grow. A neglected dental routine results in oral disease and other health complications. Dental hygiene should begin when the first teeth erupt. Children are likely to need help brushing during the infant years, up until they are about seven years old. Children should be taught to brush and floss twice a day. Before bedtime, this should be done, and not eat or drink anything after that except water. We can help you maintain the dental health of your little one at Jeffrey Carl DMD.

How to Care for Kids' Dental Health

Baby teeth start erupting as early as four months old. The first teeth are the bottom front teeth, the upper front two teeth, followed by the central and lateral incisors. At three years of age, the baby has already developed all 20 primary teeth. When the child hits six years, the baby's teeth start falling out, which could progress until the age of 12. All through the process, new adult teeth emerge in the spaces previously occupied by the baby teeth, and the child has a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth, still growing.

Parents should maintain a regular dental schedule for our kids dentist for checkups. Our dentists also advise on dental care practices at home and help monitor disease development and ways to prevent it. Fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse should be used during every cleaning. Fluoride helps strengthen and harden the tooth enamel, reducing the chances for cavities to occur. Since teeth have already formed under the gums before birth, it is important to take care of the baby's oral health by gently rubbing on the gums with a damp cloth after every feed. You should also never let the baby sleep with a bottle or food in the mouth, which encourages bacteria to build up fast. When the teeth start to touch, flossing and brushing should be encouraged using a small soft-bristled toothbrush. Dental hygienists also help teach kids how to brush and floss properly.

Oral Health Starts with What We Put In Our Mouths

Maintaining a healthy diet free of sugary foods and drinks helps prevent the teeth from developing dental cavities and gum disease. After eating sugary foods, brush or rinse your child's teeth. A nutrient-dense diet helps strengthen teeth and bones. It is important to visit our dentist regularly for checkups and in case of emergencies like severe toothache, or permanent tooth loss, for example, through trauma. If the child is involved in sports, it is important to ensure they wear mouth guards to protect their teeth from being knocked injured or knocked out. Kids with braces should ensure they brush and floss thoroughly between the wires and brackets to eliminate bacteria.

Normally, children may suck their thumbs until the age of 6. However, prolonged thumb sucking should be reported to our dentist as this could cause teeth to be misaligned.

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Dental care in kids majorly helps prevent dental caries and tooth loss at a young age. Baby teeth should be cared for as they influence the growth and health of permanent teeth.

By bringing your child to Jeffrey Carl DMD we will help keep track of their dental health, which will benefit them for a lifetime. Call us through (541) 918-2361 to book an appointment.
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